23 Painfully True Lessons You Learn By Age 23

1. You are not your failures or rejections. You are not the boy who couldn’t love you, the job you couldn’t get, the school who wait-listed you.

2. You are, however, your passions, your convictions and the company you keep.

3. Blocking toxic people out is hard, healthy and needed. You may regret blocking people out. But you will ultimately rejoice in a toxic-free life.

4. You are unique, and your experience with people is unique. Your relationships can never be repeated, replaced; only remembered.

5. Have the courage to be yourself all the time.

6. Show your love. Especially to your parents. We are all living on borrowed time, don’t waste the moment you could have said, “I love you, Mom and Dad.”

7. Don’t be the life of a pity party. No one enjoys the tear-stained favors or melancholy attitude.

8. Trust your intuition. Period.

9. Know when to fight. More importantly, know when to walk away. And keep walking.

10. Never regret speaking your mind and respecting yourself. Even if it compromises your reputation, your relationships or “looking pyscho”. Never regret loving yourself enough to call out people who don’t.

11. She’s no you. And you aren’t her either. So stop comparing yourself, there is no comparison.

12. You can only overcome self-harm with self-love.

13. You were created to be something magnificent. Honor that.

14. Continue to be outspoken. Some will find it scary, some will find it sexy, but you will find it liberating.

15. You may not have the person you want, but you have your integrity. Hold onto it. It will get you through difficult periods with grace and poise. Don’t succumb to low levels of revenge and desperation. Continue to be dignified even when it seems unfair or unresponsive.

16. Before you do something, question your motives. We all have demons but we all have a responsibility to tame them before they turn into our monsters.

17. If you apologize, mean it.

18. Be good to the ones who are good to you.

19. God will speak to you through other people, dreams, and music. Listen.

20. We have so many different chapters in this lifetime. People are not meant to be “main characters” throughout our story. That doesn’t mean we won’t find our happy ending.

21. Some people will take you for granted. Some will emotionally abuse you. This is their problem. Unfortunately you will be causality in someone’s personal battle, but again, this is their problem.

22. It is never too late to change and grow.

23. Forgive. Forgive your enemies and forgive yourself.

— Sage Michaels on thoughtcatalog  (via naelojo)

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I want my own place where I walk around half naked and I cook dinner with my partner and shove the new dish we’re trying down our mouths and commend each other over who made what. I like food and I like love and I like when the two go together.

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When I say I hate you I mean stop making me love you so much to the point that I can’t leave even though I know I should.

When I say I hate you it means please, love me better..

When I say I hate you,
I’m trying to get you to say sorry
Without having to cry in your arms.

Hating you,
me internally dealing with
what loving you has done to me.

—Shë (via iamup2n0good)

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“I dream too much, and I don’t write enough, and I’m trying to find God everywhere.”
—Anis Mojgani  (via rabbitinthemoon)

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She’s adorable

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Finally. I’m home.


Finally. I’m home.

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“I go from 0 to fuck everybody real quick.”
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I bet you taste like the ripest fruit from the wettest rainforest.

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